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We go back

The music video

Our first single

We go back

Our first single is called WE GO BACK. It's about the deep friendships and perphaps love relations that go a long way back. Maybe you have a school mate or a boy scout acquaintance that you still see, even though the time has gone by relentlessly. We would like to celebrate this priceless relation between two people, with it's intrinsic joy (and occational bumps).

The single was recorded in Banya Studios in the summer 2021.

The making of the music video

Let's go back

The video was recorded in July 2021. It was recorded in an old evocative warehouse that is still in use, so we had to work fast. The outdoor recordings were taken in the beautiful Odintsovo area a wonderful sunny summer day as soon as the morning dew had left the leaves. Even though we see some kids in close contact with fire, water and hazardous bike driving, no one got hurt. Well, actually one of the boys, Mark, lost a milk tooth during a break, which you might notice, if you pay close attention to the video. Also, the talking skeleton was already dead when we met him.

To make the backwards walking scenes we had to learn the song backwards and record this while we moved forward, and the whole shebang was reverted on a computer, to achieve this astonishing effect. It was rather difficult, but fun, and the result is amazing.

We wish to bring a special thank to the patient kids in the video, and their parents.